With the rise of technology it’s no surprise that the latest virtual reality trends would eventually make their way into in home health care. According to a recent study by Rendever, a virtual reality company, there is a rise of older adults living in senior facilities using virtual reality tools to escape social isolation.

This rise in popularity could be attributed to the difficulty of connecting to the Internet via wifi or ethernet cables due to the dangers they pose to senior living facilities, which we discussed in our previous blog on keeping senior living spaces safe. Virtual reality could be a very viable solution for many in home health care to combat social isolation, and at a very low cost. Games available for virtual reality include real life simulations including virtual jobs, families, and adventures.

“We really looked at the senior housing space as our focus,” CEO and co-founder of Rendever Kyle Rand stated. “It wasn’t that we were talking about VR and then starting looking at senior housing — it was the opposite. When we starting digging into the data we found that this problem of social isolation is pretty dangerous for seniors. If you look into the data there are serious co-comorbidities attached to it, as far-reaching as an increased rate of cognitive decline.”

Rendever plans to expand the focus of virtual reality experiences for older adults over the next few years, hoping to venture into virtual reality training to in-home health caregivers.

What do you think of the rise of virtual reality in home health care?