When you grow older there are diseases that begin to take affect on your mind and body. Alzheimer’s disease is described as the progressive mental deterioration that can occur in middle or old age due to generalized degeneration of the brain. Dealing with this disease can be frustrating for both the affected and their loved ones. Here are some things to consider when choosing a client directed at home care (see the difference between client and caregiver directed care here) for Alzheimer’s disease.

Dealing With Combativeness

Besides the wondering that comes with Alzheimers disease, combativeness is another common symptom that makes the disease hard to handle without intervention or professional help. When searching for a client care provider, take note of ones that emphasize the other symptoms of the disease and not just the mental deterioration. A health care provider that steers combative behavior into a positive outlet ensures your loved one stays on track and safe.

Redirecting The Situation

One of the ways to deal with the symptoms is to redirect complications from Alzheimers disease into something positive! Finding trained staff that is well versed in mental exercises that redirect any confusion into ways of brain stimulation, and sometimes, learning and mental growth from the situation. It’s also important to look for a home health care agency that doesn’t try to over explain to your loved one, as this can be seen as condescending and sometimes confusing for the client.


Maintaining a sense of independence is important for every client no matter the subset of home health care. When searching, look for an agency that provides an environment filled with your loved ones items and things that console them. This will not only make them feel at home, but may even prevent erratic behavior stemming from any possible confusion.

At the end of it all, Alzheimer’s disease can be hard on both your loved one and surrounding family members. It’s important to find an agency that is equipped to deal with all the symptoms of the disease while also putting your mind at ease. If your interested to find out more about Alzheimer’s care that is a fit for your loved one contact us below!