It’s no secret that technology has taken over our lives, for better or worse. Technology has created major changes in the home health care industry, and now Amazon has announced a new medicine delivery service that will deliver prescription meds right to your door. Let us take a look into how this new service will revolutionize how we treat patients.

#1. Delivery Of Prescription Meds

Introduction to Amazon’s PillPack offers many prescription refills and is directly incorporated into Prime delivery. This is great for home health care as medications can easily be delivered almost immediately without leaving the comfort of their home. The delivery of medicine will also help you feel secure that your loved one can get what they need on their own in a timely manner.

#2. Variety Of Products

In the home of the elderly, there are a lot of tools and items that help your loved one navigate around their home to complete simple tasks (see our article on keeping your senior living space safe.) Tools like handlebars and canes may not have been easily accessible for most seniors with local stores either having these products hidden or not in stock. Amazon has thousands of these products in stock with a variety of vendors to ensure you or your loved one has access to all the latest products that help keep things safe within the home.

#3. Free 2-Day Delivery

Over 100 million people in the United States are Amazon Prime members, meaning they get free two-day shipping on a majority of items sold. This 2-day delivery can be a lifesaver for seniors and caregivers in the home needing urgent tools and household items. Many grocery items can also be shopped for on Amazon, even fresh produce (yep, we aren’t kidding!)


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