Looking for ways to keep your loved ones secure in a fragile state you may find yourself wondering often. What items do I look out for? What hazards are there that could possibly cause them to trip? When researching home care providers, keep these items in mind when creating a safe living space for the elderly.

Watch For Rugs

When looking to make a seniors home safe, keep out for any rugs that move and aren’t secured to the floor as this is a major tripping hazard. It would be a good idea to either remove rugs all together or secure them to the floor to avoid this. Also keep in mind any unleveled floors or change in flooring that could slow the moving of a walker.

Keep A Fire Extinguisher In Reach

In case of any small fire emergency ensure the senior or caregiver has a fire extinguisher within reach on every floor of the home. Caseworkers: keep alert for any burning candles or lit burners on the stoves. These are easy fire hazards and may be easy for the senior to forget.

Ensure Sturdy Rails

Rails in showers, baths, and stairs are very common among senior homes. Ensuring those rails are securely nailed to the wall or siding is crucial in preventing falls. If you are not able to properly determine if siding consult with the home care agency to fully inspect the rails to be sure.


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