Thanksgiving is the time of year where family and loved ones gather to spend quality time together. The holiday also may put you in contact with a loved one who currently may be taken care of by or a nurse or a full-time caregiver in home health care. Here we’ll discuss some important questions you should be asking the person receiving care while together to ensure they are being taken care of properly.

Are you getting all your proper medications?

This may possibly be one of the most important questions for you to ask your loved one. Ensuring their home health care provider is providing the right medications at the right times is crucial for maintaining their health. If your loved one is unsure, consider asking the home health care agency. Not only will this confirm they are receiving proper treatment, but it will also put your mind at ease.

Do you feel like you’re getting enough exercise?

Maintaining a healthy diet and getting enough exercise is a very important task for a home health care provider that is often overlooked. Ask your loved one if they feel like they are getting in daily exercise or are performing activities that help them feel revitalized. If the answer is no, consult with your personal home health aide to have them assess what type of physical activity they can handle (and enjoy!)

Do you feel safe in your home?

Unfortunately, 7-10 percent of the elderly suffer from at least one form of abuse within the past year. Asking your loved one if they feel safe with their caregiver is very important, and is vital to catching elderly abuse early on. Ensure your agency does thorough background checks and screens every caregiver carefully before hiring. If you fear your loved one is being abused contact authorities and the home health care agency immediately.

While the holidays are a great time to have fun, consider asking these questions to ensure the safety of your loved ones. It’s important to also do your research on qualified agencies in the area to find agencies that are the right fit. Aegin Place provides safe alternatives to nursing home care. Figure out if we’re the right fit for you here: