The words “client” and “caregiver” are often used interchangeably when describing at home health care. When doing your research into the best options available for you and your loved one you may find yourself wondering: what the heck is the difference? While both methods are committed to providing he best experience and care to the clients, they go about getting to that point in different ways.

Client directed care puts all the needs of the client first in the way the organization runs their business. This method of care ensures the entire organization is built around the client and everything that is required to treat them properly. The belief behind client directed care also is that satisfaction from clients will then drive employee moral and happiness.

Caregiver directed care is different in that it puts caregivers like nurses and doctors first in their business model. The idea this supports is that by putting employees first in the model of at home care, that you increase employee moral first creating a more passionate and driven workforce. This attitude from the caregiver then makes for a better experience for the client.

In the end, both methods of care are geared towards the best possible experience for the client possible. However, caregiver directed care takes into consideration the moral of the employees in creating benefits and a positive work environment.

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