Dementia Care

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About Our Dementia Care Assistance

Sometimes as your loved ones grow older, age related diseases like Alzheimer’s begins to take effect. The caring companions and caregivers at Aegin Place of West Michigan in Muskegon, Michigan, are dedicated to assisting in care for those with dementia while also helping maintain independence and integrity. Contact us today for a free assessment to see if Aegin Place will be a good fit for you or your loved one.

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Providing Independent Living

Here at Aegin Place of West Michigan we always strive to help combat the symptoms of dementia while remaining comfortable in the home.

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Dealing With Wondering and Combativeness

With years of experience in dealing with wondering and combative behavior we always ensure your loved one stays in track and in safe confines. 

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Redirection and Stimulation

We acknowledge the many different ways you can stimulate the brain to improve dementia symptoms and our trained staff can redirect your loved one onto other tasks.

Dementia Care You Can Trust.

Our team at Aegin Place of West Michigan is trained to deal with dementia and the many obstacles to over come with it. You can ensure we will provide the highest quality of dementia care, every time. Contact us today for a free assessment. 

Working In Conjunction With The Best.

Aegin Place partners with the following resources to provide the best client directed at home care in West Michigan. 

The Proof is in our success stories

Trusted By Thousands In West Michigan 

“Their nurturing of my mother –even with her Alzheimer’s altered ways demonstrated how truly compassionate they are.” -Richard