Looking for someone to take care of your loved one can be a very daunting task and you may find yourself asking many questions. Can I trust this provider? Will providers be changed throughout this experience? How do I find the right company among thousands to take care of my loved one? All of these questions are common fears you may have when finding the perfect client directed at-home care. Consider looking out for these three items when choosing your care provider.

1. Licensing

One of the items you should always ask for in a provider is that they are fully qualified and certified. Some home health care agencies may hire providers that may not always have the proper schooling or requirements of the state. Don’t be afraid to ask that the agency the qualifications of their staff.

2. Partners and Resources

A good home health care agency partners with organizations to better perform their job. Partnering with other organizations gives home health care agencies the tools to better perform their jobs.

3. Community Recognition

It’s important to see your home health care agency involved in their local community and making a difference. An organization that is also recognized in the community as being a beacon of care. Seeing a leader of the agency that is involved in different clubs and organizations also speaks to company culture and character.

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