It’s the start of the new decade which means we are taking into full consideration our new year’s resolutions. From the care that isn’t compassionate to a lack of services, there are many reasons you could consider switching to a different home health care agency. When searching for a new agency consider the following items to ensure you or your loved ones 2020 is off to a good start.

Compassionate Care

Above all what you should look for in a home health care agency is compassionate care. Building a rewarding relationship between caregiver and patient is all about trust and ensuring they are getting the proper care they need. If you feel your current home health care agency is lacking in the compassion compartment this is a huge red flag. Look for an agency where compassion and caring are clearly listed in their mission statement. 


nurse and senior woman playing cards

Care is more than just maintaining independence, it’s also about finding appropriate activities for your client that help improve the quality of life. Physical activities like walking or getting exercise within the limitations of the disability can greatly improve the outlook of the patient. Home health care agencies should be ensuring that you or your loved ones are receiving both physical and mental stimuli. If not, it might be time to make the switch in 2020.

Personalized Care

Not one case is the same, so it’s important that your agency considers individual situations and personalizes care from there. Some circumstances change and a caregiver needs to adapt to continue providing unique care for their treatment duration. Ensure your current agency is not treating every case as justs another number, but as it’s own personalized situation.


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